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 Q: Explain what a VAT invoice is as it pertains to rental properties in Vietnam?

 A: A VAT invoice is a legal document which shows the amount of VAT paid by the client for rent and/or services. The amount of VAT is generally 10%.

 Q: In the event of paying rent to an individual landlord (and not a company), is a VAT invoice required?

 A: The landlord in question should give you a red invoice (not a VAT invoice) which has been issued by the tax office as an individual is not permitted to issue such an invoice. In this instance the amount of VAT tax on the red invoice to be paid by the customer is 5%.


  Q : How much does the deposit for a lease contract cost?

   A: It generally costs two months rent. This however can depend on negotiations between the tenant and the landlord.

Q: Explain a security deposit and outline its terms?

A: This is a monetary deposit given to a landlord at the start of a lease which acts as a security for damages or losses. The deposit amount is specified in the terms of the contracts. The amount is agreed upon by the landlord and the tenant. It is paid to the landlord before the lease is signed and returned to the tenant on cessation of same.

Q: Explain what happens when a tenant breaks the terms of the lease and leaves the property before the contract has finished?
A: In this instance the deposit cannot be retrieved by the tenant. They must pay any and all utilities owing such as phone, water, electricity etc.


Q: How much does a referral fee cost?

A:  We do not charge a referral fee to tenants or property buyers.

Q: Are short term rental properties available?
A: A lease generally lasts for one year. Shorter term leases can however be negotiated on an individual basis.

Q: When can a customer view a property?

A: Viewings can be arranged by appointment. Please call us to organise.

 Q: How is the rent paid?

A: The rent is paid on the specified date agreed upon in the lease. It is to bepaid in VND based on the exchange rate of Vietcombank at the time of payment. According to Vietnamese regulations the rental amount must be stated in VND in the lease contract.

Q: If a problem related to the rental property should arise who is the person to be contacted?

A: The property owner should be contacted. Otherwise you can contact us and we will work with the owner to solve the problem.

Q: How does the tenant register at his /her new place of address?

A: The landlord is responsible for the registration of tenants.

Q: Are pets permitted in the rental properties?

A: This can be negotiated on an individual basis with your landlord.




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